Care Innovation


Care Innovation

As the number of people requiring care is ever increasing, the current pandemic has isolated and effected many vulnerable individuals. Calm Homecare has been established to provide quality standards of care and allow individuals to live healthier lifestyles with improved quality of life.

Behind Calm Homecare are a close team of pharmacists whose ethos is to simply help people live better lives. We feel combining our expertise will only help further to aid individuals from the comfort of their own homes.

The integration of other healthcare professionals as part of the care team was highlighted by a CQC report published in 2019, entitled ‘Medicines in Health and Social Care’.

Medicines in Health and adult Social Care

Having read this report, we believe we can improve medication compliance, optimisation and safety, as well as reducing the likelihood of hospital readmissions.

Our team of integrated clinical pharmacists will have a direct input into the 6 most common areas of medication risk (above, taken from CQC report). Minimising each area of risk by enhanced carer training in medication management, monitoring, reviewing and administration.

We are continuously exploring advances in technology and care practices to deliver sector leading care that is aligned to CQC recommendations and guidance. See our blog for latest developments in innovation and care provision.

We are extremely excited to bring Calm Homecare to the care sector and begin to make positive differences to people that need our help and support.

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