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The abilities of carers are essential for thousands of individuals to live their lives on a daily basis, which means that the assistance they provide is required 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Carers can arrange their careers around their obligations thanks to the flexibility of shift patterns. Whether you're a student looking to work around your studies or a parent hoping to supplement your income while caring for your children, care work has you covered.


What qualifications do I need? None

Calm Homecare offer training and support to guarantee you have the skills you need to get started. There's also the option of continuing your education with additional certifications.

So you'll not only be thoroughly taught and prepared for your job, but you'll also be able to add legitimate qualifications to your CV.



Working in the care sector offers a lot of variety.

You'll be exposed to new surroundings, meet new people, and perform a variety of duties on a daily basis.


Perhaps the most widely discussed advantage of a profession in care is how rewarding it is.

You'll also be developing genuine relationships with clients, as well as their families and friends. And it is this personal connection that distinguishes care employment.


To Join Calm Homecare

  • Local Work
  • Comprehensive Training and Induction
  • Career Development Opportunities
  • Competitive Pay
  • Paid Mileage
  • Be Part of a Care Team including other Healthcare Professionals
  • Pharmacy Support with Medication Management and in the Field Queries
  • Use of latest technology making your care calls as efficient as possible
  • Free DBS Check, Uniform and ID Card
  • Flexible Working Hours


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